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Experience the Apocalypse like never before...

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Novistrana is here...

Origins Project is receiving a new massive update introducing the 1st map ever designed specifically for DayZ in a post apocalyptic environment.
Welcome to Origins, the new ARMA II mod inspired and based on modified version of DayZ. Fight to survive in the harsh apocalyptic Taviana 3.0 map, fully redesigned, making room for a wide range of new features and twisted survival elements. The world has gone to hell and you're right in the middle. There is more to life than just surviving, and now you have a purpose. What is this infection that has spread across the globe? Why are the dead walking again? Is there any hope in putting an end to this? There is only one way to find out, grab what supplies you can and get exploring.

Origin Mod Released
Welcome to the latest Build of Origins mod ( ) which fixes many known bugs from previous versions and brings once more to Origins many new innovative gameplay mechanics and tweaks and re-balances many existing gameplay dynamics. This update adds a new building system “Nested buildings “ which are more challenging to build but more rewarding and gives many strategic advantages over the traditional building system.