GamersPlatoon Organization is an international non profit PC Gaming Organization that aims to support PC Gaming communities worldwide and support talented passionate professional gamers reach their goals.

1st of all we would like to extend our senescence thanks and appreciation for the legendary Rocket Dean for creating such wonderful MOD and game Concept of Dayz, in addition to the unlimited support to PC Gaming communities in General and the modding communities in particular.

GP and RT and Dynamic Labs teams would like to extend their thanks and appreciation for all Bohemia Studios staff and developers of the greatest game series of ARMA, we wish you all the best of luck in ARMA III and DayZ Standalone projects. We cant wait to see them.

GP Vision
A world where gamers’ reach is not limited by matter or distance.
People can effortlessly move around the world, stay in touch with friends, make new friendships and develop new interests.
Clans and communities of all sizes will no longer be limited by distance or financial constraints of renting gaming and voice communication servers. Clans will be able to reach other gamers, enter competitions and win tournaments. GamersPlatoon will also open up fresh gaming employment opportunities across the globe allowing the introduction of new talented gamers to everyone in the gaming industry.

GP Mission
To extend gamers’ reach.
At GamersPlatoon we are actively developing advanced networks and communities that will enable gamers to enjoy a cost effective gaming environment to help them focus on competing and winning.

GP Values

We value and nurture the energy and dynamism needed to achieve the very best gaming environment. We look forward to future challenges and opportunities.

We are welcoming, sociable and friendly to new members, clans and smaller gaming communities. We deal with people in a clear, direct way. We are always honest and fair in treating everyone the same.

Our aim is to open up opportunities and to actively help gamers to reach their goal for the ultimate gaming experience. We always deliver what we promise.

Made of a Group of hard working and highly passionate, talented Programmers, modellers and designers for different PC games mods, both modding studios are is lead by KingHunT, the CEO of GamersPlatoon Organization, Martin the Taviana map designer Martin Bauer and founder of GP Ripthrough Studios and Alex community the Founder of GP Dynamic Labs Studios.

Credits :

- KinGHunT
- Martin
- Alex
- Bushlurker
- Richard
- Hevoc100
- Broseph
- Zenger
- Spageti
- Fargustino
- Ensk Island team
- Pathetic_Berserker
- USEC, Mattaust & Rocket
- Vilas
- Kevin McLeod
- Joe Beans
- Kwis
- BlekStena
- Superchimp
- Baltagi
- Paulos
- Fadi ( Heavy )